Here’s Why I Haven’t Been Covering the Missing Malaysian Airliner: There’s Nothing to Cover
Bill Quick

Bill Quick

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Here’s Why I Haven’t Been Covering the Missing Malaysian Airliner: There’s Nothing to Cover — 1 Comment

  1. Once again it’s because the LSM seems to miss the point of investigative journalism itself. All they do is repeat what is told to them by various officials and trotting out experts to make guesses. Meantime they are missing some real stories. Let me throw one or two out there.

    Two Iranians boarded the plane on fake passports. Even if they had nothing to do with the plane’s disappearance I think this raises several possible lines of inquiry. How did they get through Malaysian security? How did they get into Malaysia in the first place? How did they expect to get through Beijing security? Is this an organized human trafficking ring or did these guys get lucky (or unlucky to get on a doomed plane!)? Even the Iranians weren’t involved in MH370′s disappearance were they still on their way to take part in some other plot? Is Beijing human smuggling end point or just a way station to somewhere else? All these questions and more not being asked. Actually the whole stolen passports angle seems to have just disappeared off the radar (ahem).

    How about the way the various countries seem to take a jaundiced view of what any of the others say or don’t say? Especially between Chinese and Malaysian sources where in some cases they have been thinly veiled scepticism of the veracity if what the other has stated. What’s maybe not being said? What is maybe not being shared. C’mon journalists, dig deeper. Don’t just repeat what is being said in briefings and statements.