Outsourcing the US Space Program…To Russia?
Bill Quick

Payin’ Putin: As Ukraine crisis simmers, NASA to pay Russia $71M for rocket ride | Fox News

The U.S. will pay Russia $70.7 million for a single shuttle ride aboard the country’s Soyuz rocket Tuesday night, even as President Barack Obama fights for sanctions and penalties against Russia for its recent invasion of the Ukraine.

With politicians wrangling over the most diplomatic way to respond to Russia’s aggression, NASA said the space pay-off to the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) wouldn’t be affected by politics.

The U.S. domestic space industry really needs to get up and running.  I find this hilarious, by the way.  All the hysterics squealing about Edward Snowden revealing top secrets to the Russkies, while we hand over our most advanced technology to their rocket guys.

I’m sure they wouldn’t peek, though.  Right?

Bill Quick

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