Book Report: Lightning Fall: A Novel of Disaster
Bill Quick

An update on recent news of my new book, Lightning Fall: A Novel of Disaster:

Over the weekend, the book received major notice in USA Today, The Blaze, and SF author John Scalzi’s much trafficked site, Whatever, as well as dozens of other web sites, blogs, and news outlets.

This pushed the book’s rankings at Amazon into the Top 200 of all books, #13 in Science Fiction, #3 in Hard SF, as well as into various Hot New Release lists.

This morning, I’ve begun to get interview requests from radio shows.  Also, my agent in NYC notified me of a publisher interested in bringing the book out as an Audible Book.  I’ll let you know the details of that as soon as I have further info.

The book is startng to fall back down the sales list this morning, but I still have hopes it will develop legs.  Anybody with a blog or news venue who would like a review copy, please let me know at, along with what digital format you would like.

If you are a publisher interested in discussing sale of rights, please contact me at this link: Lightning Fall: Rights.

Once again, my thanks to all who have helped make this book the success it has become so far.

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Bill Quick

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Book Report: Lightning Fall: A Novel of Disaster — 5 Comments

  1. Bill, I would ask for a review copy, but I already purchased it. About 100+ pages in so far. I will post my review at Amazon and on my (underused) blog. I’ll even flog it a bit FB, although not sure how many of my e-friends are big scifi buffs. I did manage to turn a few onto your Dreams trilogy, so we’ll see.

    Congrats on the publicity. From what I’ve read so far, it’s well deserved.

  2. Yeah, but wait until they turn the terrorists into Tea Party industrialist Christians. And men, because it has to be men. And president Hillary, ahem, Carter, would become the savior.