Christie “Investigation” Likely As Phony As All the Rest of Them
Bill Quick

Internal Bridgegate investigation clears Christie « Hot Air

Does anyone seriously believe an investigation commissioned by Governor Chris Christie into Bridgegate will satisfy his critics? The New York Times waits until only the third paragraph of its report into the exonerating conclusion of the probe to mention the connections between the law firm and the Christie administration, but it still remains the first comprehensive look into the scandal — and finds no connection to Christie himself:

Let me put it this way, Ed:  Would you believe all of the internal investigations the Obama Administration has performed on itself in various scandals would, or should, exonerate it?  How about an internal investigation of some scandal in Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago?  Why, then, do you leap to validate a similar investigation from the other most corrupt state in the Union just because the governor involved happens to be a (nominal) Republican?

Bill Quick

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