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From Dale Franks at Q&O:

Book Review: Lightning Fall | Questions and Observations

America’s political leadership isn’t up to the job of responding. President Millicent Carter isn’t the best person to handle this sort of crisis, despite the keen political acumen and assistance of her husband, ex-president B.J. Carter–who was impeached, but not convicted, in the late 1990s. So, 60 million people are set to starve to death, or die in horrific rioting, or be killed by the invading army from Mexico, while the President does essentially nothing useful, and much that is counterproductive. This kicks off a Constitutional crisis.

Everything gets just about as bad as it possibly could, but, while it’s dark, it’s a pretty compelling read. I recommend it.

Glenn Reynolds at USA Today:

Washington is headed for disaster: Column

In Lightning Fall, American diplomats (in a thinly disguised Hillary Clinton administration) seem unable to grasp that other nations might be happy to see the United States destroyed or drastically weakened. Though the book was written months ago, their shocked and ineffectual response seems entirely credible in light of the similarly shocked and ineffectual response to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s incursions in Ukraine. The world is not much like the Model U.N., and our adversaries are, in fact, on the other side. Russians, Chinese, Iranians, North Koreans: All would have more freedom of action if the U.S. were weak, and they know it. That our leaders have trouble understanding this as a goal is, alas, not fiction.

My friends at Dethguild:

Out NOW!!! Lightning Fall – Bill Quick’s Newest Novel!

What really stuck out for us was how much effort Mr. Quick put into researching, planning and investigating the premise of the story. He spent several years contacting field-relevant experts and used this information to forge a realistic, yet exciting novel. When combined with his talent for creating interesting characters and developing them in intriguing and unexpected ways, you have some of the best entertainment your dollar can buy. (And you just might learn a thing or two!)

If you’ve been kind enough to put up a review and I’ve missed it, please let me know so I can link it. Thanks!

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