Apply the Bully’s Veto and Trade My Liberty for Security – Please!
Bill Quick

9 yr old boy wins right to bring My Little Pony book bag to school « Hot Air

In this case, they apparently felt that a boy with such a book bag was likely to get the snot beaten out of him by other young boys and they were going to protect him by keeping him and his bag out of school. Is that a good policy?

Jizz agrees with Jim Joyner in apparently believing that it is.  Which makes both of them card-carrying members of the “Trade Liberty for Security” crowd.

It also establishes the “bully’s veto” as a permanent fixture of the education establishment.

Parents, if you want to avoid needlessly abusing your children, don’t send them to public school.  Or Jazz Shaw’s or Jim Joyner’s house.

Bill Quick

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