A Bargain At Twice the Price, Right?
Bill Quick

Two US Cities, One With the Highest Unemployment in the Country, The Other With the Lowest. One is the Capital of Shale Fracking; The Other is the Capital of Solar Power Production.

Agua Caliente received a $967 million loan guarantee from the Department of Energy (DOE) in 2011. According to DOE, federal financing helped create 10 permanent jobs.

Ten jobs for almost a billion dollars.

So…at $96.7 million per job, it will only cost us $200 trillion to make up the 2 million job shortfall since Obama took office.

Bill Quick

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A Bargain At Twice the Price, Right? — 2 Comments

  1. And that $967M, getting a modest 3% annual return, could pay 580 people $50K/yr. indefinitely (i.e., permanently). If wisely invested in a, you know, productive, profitable venture, it would probably have created 1000′s of permanent jobs, Prima facia evidence this had nothing to do with jobs, but only corrupt payoffs to politically connected cronies.