Reset This, You Dumbass
Bill Quick

Tapper: White House Concerned Russia Could Invade Ukraine as Soon as This Weekend | Mediaite

Quoting unnamed administration officials, CNN host Jake Tapper revealed that the White House is “concerned” that Russia could invade South and East Ukraine “possibly as soon as this weekend.” He said that, in spite of Russia’s assurances that the large numbers of troops and military equipment amassed along the Ukrainian border are there merely for training exercises, the White House believes that Moscow could be planning a broader incursion into Ukraine.

Wow.  Obama had better send in the State Department SWAT teams armed with full-auto assault attack sanctions, accompanied by a firestorm of hot gas from the White House.

Bill Quick

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Reset This, You Dumbass — 2 Comments

  1. I’ve got this dream of sending all of the SWAT team for the myriad federal agencies off to fight the good fight. They can use their full-auto weapons and armored cars and the billion rounds of ammo the non-military federal agencies bought recently. Whether or not they accomplish anything when they go up against someone other than unarmed civilians, they won’t be here, so I count that as a victory. It’s a wonderful dream…

  2. Obama should go on another golfing vacation, the longer the better. He’s far less embarrassing, both to himself and the rest of us when he isn’t taking part in foreign affairs.

    You’d have thought he might have figured out by now, being he’s the smartest guy in most any room, that Putin kicks his ass anytime he gets near him.