SLATE Discovers the Obvious – Some Are Too Dumb For College
Bill Quick

College isn’t for everyone. Let’s stop pretending it is.

. All are worth trying for students at the margins. But few people are willing to admit that perhaps college just isn’t a good bet for people with seventh-grade reading and math skills at the end of high school.

I’ll take it a step further:  A significant portion of all students are not smart enough to benefit from a college education.

Once upon a time we as a society understood that, and made appropriate adjustments.  Now, we try to dumb down the credentialing process to match the collapse in average intelligence of those considered college material – that is, anybody capable of breathing.

Reality, as it always does, intervenes with brutal finality.  Progressives hate to acknowledge that inevitable outcome, but there it is.

Ask the Gods of the Copybook Headings about it.  They’ve got some answers.

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Bill Quick

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SLATE Discovers the Obvious – Some Are Too Dumb For College — 1 Comment

  1. There’s also the unwanted truth that some students, primarily those most specialest students the farthest on the left-hand side of the curve, will never contribute to society as much as they consume in educational babysitting and remedial resources.

    Meanwhile, STEM courses — the tech stuff that does the most to advance the economy and the standard of living — in many districts are starved for resources because there just isn’t enough money for the special education and lab equipment and new football uniforms. Something’s got to give.