It’s Not Just the Glass, But The Processing Power That Animates It
Bill Quick

You don’t have to be an old fart like me to appreciate how flat-out amazing this stuff is, but it helps.

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Bill Quick

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It’s Not Just the Glass, But The Processing Power That Animates It — 5 Comments

  1. Absolutely incredible. From when I was a child I wanted to live in the Future (as envisioned by Heinlein, mostly.)

    Now I worry that there won’t be enough energy to do these wonderful things.

    Silly me! I forgot all about how everything is going to be powered by Unicorn Farts ™ since we don’t need oil, gas, coal or nuclear energy. Sure am glad we’ve got that going for us!

  2. I totally agree that we’re not ‘going to run out of energy’- but that the braindead policies now in place will make that energy so expensive that we will be reduced to using only a minimum. When you can only afford to heat your house but not run nice futuristic wonderfulness.

    I thank the ecofascists for this. Got lots of wind farms that do not much of anything, but where is the new nuke plant to replace San Onofre? Yes, I’d prefer thorium, but I’m promised unicorn farts.

    Maybe I ought to move to China; they seem to own CA anyway.