Look! I’m Bending Over! Here Comes My Sanction!
Bill Quick

Biden in Europe to ‘reassure our allies’ over Russia’s moves in Ukraine – The Washington Post

WARSAW — Vice President Biden sought to reassure anxious allies in a visit to the Polish capital Tuesday about Russia’s takeover of Crimea, denouncing Moscow’s moves to annex the region as a “blatant, blatant disregard of international law.”

Appearing with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, Biden offered the moral support of a “steadfast ally” but promised only modest assistance to help Poland modernize its army and explore how to lessen its dependence on Russia’s natural gas.

Yeah, he promised to launch ever windier salvos of pure Obama hot gas from every conceivable Obama orifice in an escalating response to Russia’s conquest of hundreds of square miles of (formerly) independent territory.

For some reason the Poles didn’t seem all that reassured.

Bill Quick

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