Crazy Talk, Part Two
Bill Quick

Are Secret Clinton White House Tapes Lost to History? – ABC News

That seems doubtful, as the newly-identified recordings appear to be lost to history. When ABC News asked for copies of the tapes, officials at the Clinton Library (part of the National Archives and Records Administration) said they couldn’t find them.

“The creation of this particular audio tape, its use, and any transcription [aides] chose to make were all done by White House staff prior to the transfer of Clinton Presidential records to NARA, and as such we simply don’t know much more than what can be found by searching the holdings as our Archival staff has done,” library official Diane LeBlanc wrote ABC News in an e-mail.

Wait.  Are you trying to tell me that officials of the B.J. library, which B.J. funded, can’t find documents or other records detrimental to B.J.?

Why, that’s just crazy talk!

Bill Quick

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