Hey, It’s Radical Out Today – If You’re Luddite Moron
Bill Quick

US Navy reveals plot to beam power from SPACE using giant orbiting solar panels | Mail Online

US Navy bosses have revealed futuristic plans to beam power from space.

They believe large arrays of space solar modules could send solar power to Earth.

The radical scheme could be used to power military installations and even cities.

Radical, my ass.

This is old, old science fiction fodder, because it is such an obvious solution. We keep spending on fusion power, when we have a gigantic fusion reactor a hundred times larger than our entire planet practically next door, and all we have to do is reflect a tiny percentage of that power down to our planet to solve our clean energy needs for generations.

Anybody who thinks reflected solar power is “radical” probably got all grumpy and stuff about that new-fangled radical electicity stuff.

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  1. Minor point: Sol’s diameter is 100 times Earth’s, giving it a volume of more than 1,000,000X. It’s not nearly as dense, though so the Sun’s mass is “only” 300,000X.

    Quibbles aside, yah. This is practically a solved problem, technically. Plenty of smart people (including but not limited to science fiction writers) have given it plenty of thought in the, oh, half century or so since the radical idea first came up. I guess there might be legal issues involved but, you know what? If I have 10 square miles of reflective sheeting feeding a 100 megawatt microwave transmitter… well, let’s just summarize as, government office building meets death ray.