Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnibenevolent: Pick Any Two
Bill Quick

Bill Maher: God a ‘psychotic mass murderer’ who ‘drowns babies’ – Washington Times

Late night comedian Bill Maher told his HBO “Real Time” audience on Friday that God was a “psychotic mass murderer.” He made the comments during a conversation on the biblical story of Noah and the upcoming Hollywood version of it that’s about to hit the big screen.

No comment, beyond the fact that if God is omnipotent and omniscient, He surely wreaks too much murderous havoc to be called omnibenevolent.


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Bill Quick

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Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnibenevolent: Pick Any Two — 4 Comments

  1. Maher, as is his nearly-all-the-time wont (big surprise, right?), is once again bleating out of his rectal orifice*…

    Look, there are only two likely possibilities, here:

    1) If, in unvarnished fact, God/a Supreme Being/an actual, individual source of Original Creation and similar Cosmic Events, etc. exists, then the very simplest of genuine logic must, perforce, stipulate that He/She/It/Whomsoever created, in some manner and by some mechanism, All Creatures Great N’ Small, including People. Said selfsame simple-but-genuine logic must then and thenceforth dictate that (since He/She/It/Whoever makes the Rules Of The Deal, as well) selfsame God/Etc. can, at will and whim, UN-create some, a large number or even ALL of aforesaid Creatures (along with, as desired, any or all of the Created appurtenant geographic features)…Simple.Logic, peeps: He/Etc. made it, He/Etc. can erase it – anytime, anyplace, by any means. In which case, Maher’s “psychotic mass murderer” j’accuse is merely a) self-centered, narrow-perspective whinging, b) aimed at being outrageous-and-self-amusing, and badly missing the mark, or c) both – IOW, more of his usual idiotic, low-brow shtick.

    2) If, in equally-unvarnished fact, God/a Supreme Being/etc. does not exist (at least as regards creation of All Creatures Great N’Small, plus some or all of the required Cosmic geographic context), then Something Else Altogether (can you say: random workings of the Cosmic Principles Behind It All?…I betcha can…) is at work in the production of events such as Noah’s Great Deluge And Flood, the Black Plague of the Middle Ages, and various other mass-slaughter-of-humans-other-than-war-and/or-”liquidation” events. In which case, Maher’s “psychotic mass murderer” j’accuse is merely a) totally inaccurate self-centered, narrow-perspective whinging, b) aimed at being outrageous-and-self-amusing, and badly missing the mark, or c) both – IOW, more of his usual idiotic, low-brow shtick, as well as badly-aimed anti-religious bullshit.

    There’s also, I suppose, just a wee, tiny chance that Something Else Altogether (see above) is in some manner sneaking in some or all of these major-human-wipeout events while God/etc. is busy somewhere else, but I for one can’t see that – I mean, what kind of sloppy Supreme Being would leave any sort of opportunity for a Death-Dealing Event just lying around for Something Else Altogether to slip in and take advantage of? That’s not very All-Seeing, All-Knowing, IYKWIMAITYD, right?

    Net result: Either way, as is the common case, this is just one more dumb-ass dribble from the ugly(er)-end opening* by a thoroughly-ignorable Irish-named twit with a deservedly-poor reputation for “humor” and a distinctly so-so haircut.

    (*As Famous/Notorious PornoMan Larry Flynt once said to the judge, opinions are about like assholes, pretty much everybody’s got one – Maher simply cuts straight to the “true source”, issuing his stupid, gawping one [opinions/statements/mindless bleats/whatever] out of his ugly, gaping other.)

  2. I have a half-written short story about the nominal cosmos creator being the general contractor, and he did a poor job of choosing some of his subcontractors and work crews.

      • Yah, there’s mention of having to deal with unions. And substandard parts from vendors. And weather, or the meta-cosmological equivalent. And workers showing up drunk, or late, or without their tools, or…

        The sticking point was making it sound like some halfway realistic story about a real-world contractor, then at the end springing that the project was the creation of the universe. Writing that, strictly speaking, isn’t a problem, but making the misleading first 90% interesting enough that the reader wouldn’t toss it, that was what held me up.