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Bill Quick

I’ve been remiss on keeping up with my email lately, and so missed some valuable posts from one of my favorite blogs, Dethguild.  This piece discusses a bugaboo of mine about many in the prepper community who fetishize on vast quantities of ammo.


When it comes to a storing ammunition, the “consensus” is a person should stock a minimum of one thousand cartridges per weapon. While we approve of the concept, one should note folks on Ye Olde Interwebs love to toss about “facts” without properly illustrating the weight and volume of the object(s) involved. Yes, in some examples, the mass of the cartridges are insignificant – such as .22 Long Rifle. Other times… not so much. Take 12 Gauge Slugs for instance. A thousand will consume the top of a large bookshelf, and should weigh in the neighborhood of one hundred and forty pounds. This is of course speaks nothing of the money involved, or how some poor sap is going to store his anti-zombie stash once he lugs it home.

Lots of good stuff here.  Read the whole thing.  I don’t have a thousand rounds for each one of my firearms, but I have at least five hundred for everything.  That’s considered pathetically low by many preppers, but one of my big worries in a bug-out situation is just the sheer weight and bulk of all that lead, gunpowder, and brass.  It’s not something you just sling into a bugout bag and jog on down the road with.

Dethguild isn’t just about prepping and remarkably inventive invective, though.  It started out as a gamer site, and remains cognizant of its roots:

Game Box

As we’ve mentioned before, entertainment is often neglected when people go about their crisis planning. This is however, a poor idea, since the overwhelming balance of emergencies involve a rapid relocation to a safe environ, which then devolve into hours of tedious waiting. Given this fact, a solid entertainment box can go a long way towards preserving a person’s sanity.

And finally, this, of which the following is only a small excerpt.  I strongly urge you to click through and read a huge news dump that isn’t, for some odd reason, getting much play in the national media:

Update – 3/13/14: “Escalation, Provocation, & Lines in the Sand.”

Update III: 3/10/14 – “I cannot wait to get the order to kick your door in.”

Courtesy of Joe Newby at The Freedom Outpost - Flame meet fuel…

“Last weekend, I reported on Connecticut John Cinque’s 2013 warning to lawmakers that he would not comply with their attempts to force the citizens of Connecticut to register their semi-automatic weapons and high capacity magazines. Since that time, the video, though a year old, has gone viral. However, in a recent video between Mr. Cinque and Connecticut gubernatorial candidate Joe Visconti, Cinque reveals that a Branford, Connecticut police officer told him, “I Cannot Wait to Get the Order to Kick Your Door In.”

- Joe Newby

Read everything HERE.

In Rebuttal: Well Mr. Doughnut-Chomping-Mall-Ninja, in your wannabe black nylon tact-ti-cool(TM) web-ware – *WE* can’t wait for *YOU* to fucking try. Bring it.

The smart money says you run out of your kind before we run out of our kind. Your inability to grasp 2nd grade mathematics is not our concern, nor is it particularly funny. That said, reality inserting it’s phallus in your mouth at 1000 FPS sure as hell WILL be amusing AND educational, killing two birds with one…


The worst possible tyrants in charge at the worst possible time in world history. What could possibly go wrong.

For those interested in thanking Patrolman-jackboot for his inspiring service to King and country, feel free to drop him a line:

Jack boot thug stormtrooper

Pretty dog. We’d ask that it be shown more respect than Stasi typically show other folk’s pets.

Joseph J Peterson Sr

DOB: August 19, 1967

(203) 466-0119

(203) 469-2061

111 Borrmann Road

East Haven, Connecticut

Party: Republican

(Hat-tip Free North Carolina).

Update IV: 3/12/14 – “Officer Pussy Suddenly Not So “Hard-ass” Anymore.”

So much to cover… so little time… first off… it seems that Officer-Tacti-Cool’s buckshot mouth was writing checks his BB-gun ass couldn’t cash… this one from Tim Brown at The Freedom Outpost:

Threats to CT Police Escalate Following CT Cop’s Gun Confiscation Comments – Cops Ask Pro-Gun Veteran to Help Cool Things Down

“The cops are having the threats…. they are scared,” he told us.”

“According to Cinque, Officer Joseph Peterson, who made comments in interaction on Facebook while off duty that he would “give my left nut to bang down your door and come for your gun…” has been placed on 24-hour guard due to threats on his life. This information came directly from Police Chief Kevin Halloran.”

“Mr. Cinque told us that he had a two and a half hour “sit down” with the Branford Police Department on Tuesday. He said that the Branford PD was supposed to come out with an apology for Peterson’s comments and wanted Cinque’s endorsement of the apology in an attempt to cool things down.”

“The first words out of the police chief’s mouth… were ‘How can you help us with this?’” Cinque said. “They’re getting killed over there. They said they can do nothing but deal with this.”

- Tim Brown

Read the entire article HERE.

Please give us a moment to play the world’s most diminutive violin for the East Haven Police Department as they cower in the presence of the terrifying rattlesnake den they’ve ignorantly dredged up. What? You didn’t hear our little serenade? Well, we played it – Honest. Just ask your pet – he/she heard the mournful requiem we composed for this dismal occasion.

Oh but the drama thickens… Missed in the furor over the ORIGINAL Stasi-like outburst from the illustrious Officer Peterson, was another monologue – a digital sun-room, with a clear view into the mindset of the modern-day-cop-Rambo:

(Hat-tip to Kurt Hofmann over at The Examiner.)

“Just wanted to thank you for the very fair article on the Police officer in CT. While yes, the conversation got very heated, once he [Officer Joseph Peterson] was seen as a cop, he should have stepped WAY back. A lot of news articles are putting my quote in of me saying he would put Jews in Ghettos as the reason he went off. He actually went off well before that. I literally asked him if a law was passed to put Jews in the Ghettos, would you? He literally said “Now you are being silly…but if its the law, I enforce it; I don’t make them.”

- Quote Found by Kurt Hofmann

Read Hofmann’s intensive analysis HERE.

Well, then, while we HATE to say “We Told You So” (TM) well… we fucking TOLD you so.

“If it’s the “law” I enforce it.”

- Officer Joseph J Peterson Sr

So then… where exactly are all of those charming little Pollyanna’s out there with their ever so cute “That could never happen here!” Bullshit? Hrm? Hello? *PINK*PINK*PINK*…. is this thing on? Nobody here but us crickets?

The fact is, unless the “Law Enforcers” – and the Political hacks that send them - are genuinely fearful for their continued EXISTENCE, they will stomp, crush, strangle and consume every last one of your civil liberties any time they feel like it. Most are not prepared to contemplate – or even care about – the morality, constitutionality or the natural rights they casually rend asunder – ’cause officer safety.

Why, sure, feel free to Write Letters.  I’m sure your dedicated public servants, sworn to protect and serve you, would love to hear from you.

Bill Quick

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