A Momentary Case of Political Dry-Mouth
Bill Quick

California | Drought | Sen. Feinstein | Reconsiders Fish Law

What has happened between 2010 and 2014 that has inspired Senator Feinstein to reconsider the value of the “San Joaquin River Restoration Act” like she is apparently doing for the CIA’s policies on spying?

Wayne Lusvardi of Cal Watchdog may have part of the answer:

President Obama toured the drought area. And the November election, with Democrats worried about losing House seats from California, approaches ever nearer. Indeed, just yesterday Democrats’ plight became more critical as Republicans won an election for an open House seat in Florida.

So it’s not surprising that Feinstein and other Democrats want to advance compromise solutions to the drought that put them in good light with farm voters.

In fact, our Central Valley is becoming quite the battleground for Washington’s politicos. Speaker of the House John Boehner recently toured the area and caused palpitations about California eco-activists and legislators by supporting congressional proposals to stop river restoration in favor of drought relief.

Based on these developments, my forecast for Democrats this November is doom with a chance of gloom.

This is probably just bullshit from Feinstein, designed to slightly improve Dem chances in the man-made drought stricken areas of California.  Like most progtards, Feinstein actually hates humans and by far prefers the innocent animals of Mother Gaea.

As soon as the election is over, she’ll flip-flop right back to her original human-destroying stance.

Bill Quick

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