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Woman Stops Burglar, Holds at Gunpoint 23 Minutes Until Police Arrive

In short order she found Joseph Baker in her home; he had broken through two doors to get in. She drew her gun, ordered him to the floor, and told him to “stay still.” She then held Baker at gunpoint for 23 minutes while waiting for police to arrive.

Twenty-three minutes? Color me unimpressed. Junction City has about 5000 people. That’s big enough to have a full-time police force.

Me, I’d probably have killed him out-of-hand. If for some reason I didn’t and called 911 and they weren’t at my door in five minutes, I’m pretty sure he’d have jumped up and tried to rush me at the six-minute mark. I acknowledge, however, that I learned young that authorities won’t do anything to help me and that I have to take care of problems myself.

Along those lines, I see that public schools are still doing their best to make sure kids learn that authorities won’t deal with bullies or other criminals who do not threaten the authorities themselves. That’s fine. I was a teenager the first time I killed a violent criminal, and we can hope that some of the new generation will take the same lessons to heart.

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    • German teacher was male, but not a sterling exemplar of masculine traits. Chemistry teacher was male, bumbling through the last couple years of not teaching anything before he could retire. Gym teacher was male and about as dumb as a deflated basketball but not actually a bad teacher. Geometry teacher was male and shared his views, which would be called extreme SoCon today, where he could jam them into the lecture. He was the only non-liberal I can think of in the school.

      There were a few other male teachers in the high school, but I didn’t have any of them. And to the extent that I noticed and remember social or political views, all but the one, male or female, were loony left.

  1. We have 15,000 residents and no po-po, just the County Sheriffs, but they respond with extreme alacrity and vigor! Either that or the resident would turn the Burglar into a 4-H project… This is the Country up here and few Progtard Libs need apply to teach – not like Palo Alto where Socialismus was a haute cultivĂ©e attitude and doctrine.