Don’t Let the Revolving Door….
Bill Quick

Insiders: Jay Carney preparing to leave White House | The Daily Caller

In March of last year, Mediaite reported that Carney was “stressed and burnt out.” They wondered in a headline, “Time for Carney to go?” At the time, writer Joe Concha reported that Carney had grown more “testy” and “combative” with the press and ticked off a number of examples with the likes of NPR’s Mara Liasson, CBS’ Bill Plante and WaPo‘s George Will. Concha hinted then that Carney could easily be picked up by MSNBC or CNN and reel in a huge salary boost.

Time for Glenn Reyonolds’s Revolving Door Surtax to kick in, I guess.

Yeah, yeah.  Snowballs in hell, and all that.  I still get heartburn every time I see a Clinton  hack like Little Georgie Stephiepussyopolis playing the role of big-time “journalist” based on his ability to suck Clintonian dick.  Carney is just more of the same.

Bill Quick

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