Asus T100 Successor Glimpsed Just Over Horizon
Bill Quick

Asus Transformer Book T200 could arrive in May-June – News

According to a Digitimes report by Monica Chen and Adam Hwang, the 10-inch Transformer Book T100 notebook/tablet convertible arrived during the fourth quarter and manager to ship no less than 500,000 units so far.

The same source mentioned that a successor for the T100 will arrive in May-June and both devices will remain on the market, probably at least until the end of the year. The 11.6-inch Transformer Book T200 will be larger and it would be no surprise to see it offer enhanced specs when compared to the T100, but there is no information about this right now.

Keep it the same price and weight (or lower and lighter), improve the keyboard just  bit, give me that bigger screen, a faster Atom processor, and four, instead of two GB ram, and I’ll have to sell a piece of MCM furniture to get myself one.

I don’t see why the price couldn’t even drop a bit, since they won’t be tossing in the “free” Microsoft Office on this model.  AFAIK, at least.



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