Ruling Party RYANO At Scamnesty Again
Bill Quick

Immigration Doesn’t Have the Votes Yet, Ryan Says | 218

House Budget Chairman Paul D. Ryan told his local newspaper that Republican leaders do not have the votes yet to pass a rewrite of the nation’s immigration system.

“We don’t have the votes right now,” the Wisconsin Republican told his local newspaper, the Janesville Gazette, in an interview Monday. “Right now, we’re working hard to find where that consensus lies.” Ryan said both the right and left are holding up an overhaul.

I’ve got my fingers crossed that the 2014 elections cost him even more votes for scamnesty.

This is one of the problems with the combination of gerrymandering and no federal term limits for members of congress.  The guys in the safest seats advocate the most dangerous policies, and there is no way to punish them for it.

Bill Quick

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