Barone Suspends the Laws of Economics For His Pet Solution
Bill Quick

For good highways, use tolls and ditch the gasoline tax |

The technology is available. Transponders are used to assess tolls today in California’s Orange County, Dallas County in Texas, and Northern Virginia. The charges go to your credit card and you hardly have to slow down through the toll plaza.

Computer-generated tolls are a superior form of user fee. They tie revenues to the highways in proportion to their use, and can be adjusted to reflect the cost of maintenance and improvements.

Well, let’s see:  Much higher gasoline prices have cut down on driving and highway usage.    I suppose Barone (is he still even considered to be a conservative?) believes there must be some divine exception to the notion that the more something costs, the less you’ll use it.  Because it seems to me that if you raise the cost of driving through a transponder toll system like this, in the end you’re going to get a lot less driving – and tax income from drivers.

Of course Democrats and statists like the idea of forcing the plebes to move around less, at least in their own private vehicles.  Much easier to control them by forcing them into public transit schemes.

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Bill Quick

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