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Bill Quick

Apple watchers say it needs another hit like iPad; not sure Cupertino can deliver | TabTimes

MENLO PARK – Four authors of books about Apple gathered here at a Churchill Club-sponsored event this week to discuss its future and whether its hit parade of products has come to an end.

Despite critical comments, none of the four think Apple as a company is in any danger of going away, but there is a concern the company, post-Cofounder Steve Jobs, has lost its way.

I refer you to the comment on this matter made by Larry Ellison:

PEAK Apple: Cupertino’s hopes died with Steve Jobs, says Larry Ellison • The Register

Oracle supremo Larry Ellison has told Apple that it doesn’t stand a chance of success without Steve Jobs at the helm.

…”We saw Apple with Steve Jobs,” Ellison purred, drawing the shape of an upwards graph with his finger.

“We saw Apple without Steve Jobs,” the Oracle continued, pointing his finger down to the ground like a schoolgirl copying a Beyonce routine.

“We saw Apple with Steve Jobs,” he said, once again doing the happy upwards graph motion, before guillotining his finger to the ground one more time and concluding: “Now, we’re gonna see Apple without Steve Jobs.”

Apple can live off the fat of Steve Jobs’s genius for quite a while, but it’s heart is dead.  Evenutally that will become obvious, as is segues, as did IBM, into existence as just another big tech company.

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Apple In the Sauce — 3 Comments

  1. Apple is nothing like IBM. IBM dedicated many resources to developing “mind share” as much as market share, and built their hardware and software to encourage if not force lock-in. Apple is nothing like that. You can tell from their commercials, which are all about freedom and creativity.

  2. Maybe the new Tesla-X mobile-WiFi hotspot-car will save Apple. People need a battery operated vehicle for all their mobile devices, plus it establishes them as a conspicuous Tech-Consumer Elite, at least in the MenloParkPaloAltoLosAltos corridor.