A Look Back at the Asus Transformer T100
Bill Quick

ASUS Transformer Book T100 User Review: A Few Months Later

The variety of 10- and 11-inch tablets and notebooks on the market deliver an even wider range of performance, weight, and price among the available devices. On one end, we have the Surface Pro 2 and Lenovo Yoga 11S that, once all said and done, ring in around $900 with keyboard and full Windows 8.1 capabilities.

Alternatively, options for a 10- or 11-inch notebook for $500 or less are decidedly underwhelming, with most featuring short battery lives and bulky designs. But the hybrid or “2-in-1? market seems to be paving its way, introducing budget-friendly, compact, portable, and capable devices.

The Asus Transformer Book T100 became one of the most popular purchases on Black Friday and Cyber Monday of 2013, with the 64GB model priced at an appealing $300 with full Windows 8.1 and the Microsoft Office Suite. So two months later, does the Asus T100 live up to the hype?

Well, I’ve had mine since last October, and I know what I think, but let’s just skip ahead to the bottom line of this review:

Overall, this reviewer finds she reaches for the Asus T100 over alternatives like a 15-inch notebook or an Apple iPad which are also within arm’s reach. The keyboard and track pad give the T100 the versatility of a notebook with all the portability and features of a tablet. It may just be that it is easier to overlook any cons when the price is right, but with the Asus there really aren’t many concessions.

Compared to a Chromebook, the Transformer Book offers even greater portability with far more functionality. Hopefully its popularity will motivate other manufacturers to follow suit with affordable hybrid options. With the Asus Transformer Book T100 it’s easy to get the best of both worlds, switching back and forth from notebook to tablet with ease.

This tracks with myj own experience.  My T100 have become my everyday, do everything personal computer.  It goes in my backpack when I’m biking, or in my bag when I’m not.  It’s my everyday tablet when I’ve doing tablet stuff – movies, tv shows, games, etc.

I hook it up to a big screen via a USB dock and use it as a desktop computer.

I’ve really never had anything like it, and it fulfills my – what’s the latest buzzword? Oh, right, “use case” – almost perfectly.  Right at the moment I’m using it to run Scrivener, Calibre, Adobe Reader, MS Word, and a browser to lay out my new book for dead tree publication at Amazon’s CreateSpace.

I have no idea why no other computer manufacturer came up with something like my T100 – it literally has no competition at that price point.  Sure, I wouldn’t mind having four GB of ram, and maybe a faster Atom processor, but I really don’t notice any significant hangups with the setup I have now.  It is, as I have repeatedly said, Good Enough.  Just as I suspect it would be Good Enough for 80% plus of all to PC/Tablet users out there.

Yeah, they’re still available:

ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-C1-GR 10.1-Inch Detachable 2 in 1 Touchscreen Laptop

You could have saved yourself a few bucks if you’d bought one back when I did, though. Apparently they’re still having trouble filling orders fast enough, and that’s driven up the price 25 dollars or so.

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