My New Home Gym
Bill Quick

It wasn’t all that expensive. I got the power cage (that rack thing the upper barbell is sitting on) for a hundred bucks off Craigslist.

I had all the free weights already lying around, as well as one of the barbells.

I had to get a new barbell long enough (84″) to fit the width of the cage. Cost me forty bucks.

I’m going to follow the Mark Rippetoe regimen for a while, which means, in my case, two workouts a week consisting of three exercise per workout:

First workout:

Squats 3×5
Bench Press 3×5
Deadlift 1×5

Second workout:

Squats 3×5
Press 3×5
Deadlift 1×5

The immediate goal will be to add five pounds per workout to each exercise, until I can’t do that any more. Then drop the amount I add, and so on.

Intermediate goals:

Squat: 225
Bench Press: 200
Press: 140
Deadlift: 250

Why those?

Because at that point I just about run out of weights, and can justify spending on a new Olympic set with 600 or so pounds of plates.

Long term goals? I’m 67. My notion of long term is probably different than yours, if you’re under forty or so.

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Bill Quick

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