In Obama’s America, Dumbing Down the Dumbasses Is the Way to Go
Bill Quick

New education plan: Take the “tricky vocabulary” out of the SAT exam « Hot Air

Global observers have been sounding the klaxons for some time now when it comes to the American education system. We’re falling behind all of the smart countries, slowly sinking into a comfortable swamp populated by obese couch potatoes who gaze into their smart phone screens with glazed over eyes. The kids simply aren’t doing well enough on the SATs and the future looks dismal indeed.

But this is ‘MERICA, people! We’re not going to take this lying down! If our kids aren’t doing well enough on the standardized tests, there’s a clear solution. We’ll make the tests easier.

Yeah, that’s will work.

We’re now a nation that values appearance over substance. Giving somebody a college diploma somehow makes them smart and well-educated, rather than incompetent and needy.

Eventually I expect the SATs to award 99.9% of the score for simply being able to correctly print your name on the test sheet. And eventually, American PhDs will be working for Chinese grad students as classroom assistants – because that’s all they will be capable of doing, despite their credentials.

The unintended consequence is obvious: the more you dumb down the testing process, the dumber your pool of testees will become.

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Bill Quick

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