Crushing the Viper (No, It’s Not What You Think)
Bill Quick

Chrysler orders 93 rare, early Vipers to the crusher | Motoramic – Yahoo Autos

The original Dodge Viper revealed in 1992 was a beast of a machine — an attempt by then-Chrysler exec Bob Lutz to revive the spirit of the Shelby Cobra and give Chrysler a world-class sports car. Powered by a massive V-10 with 400 hp, the early Viper’s brute force overwhelmed many drivers.

Today, the power that made the Viper a legend appears to be at the heart of an order from Chrysler to dozens of trade schools, demanding the immediate destruction of some 93 early Vipers, including a preproduction model that could likely fetch a couple hundred thousand dollars at auction.

This makes me sad.

Really sad.

I could have provided a good home for one of these beasts.

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Bill Quick

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Crushing the Viper (No, It’s Not What You Think) — 2 Comments

  1. Apparently most of these cars were non-working early versions or models with defects that made them non-roadable. And of course several of the schools let their students “repair” the cars, put them on the road, and have accidents. Whereupon Crysler got sued.
    ZERO sympathy for the those schools; too bad Chryler doesn’t pull the cars back and pass them on to other more grateful schools which will sign contracts to the effect that they will NOT to put the cars back on the road.