CPAC Standing O to Christie: We Are So Boned
Bill Quick

Standing Ovation for Chris Christie from CPAC Crowd | National Review Online

Speaking to an audience that stands to his right, Christie concluded on a cautionary note, tacitly suggesting that the GOP has hurt itself by nominating candidates that are too conservative.

“We don’t get to govern if we don’t win,” he said. “Let’s come out of this conference resolved to win elections again.”

The “conservatives” at CPAC gave Christie a standing ovation for telling them they have to be less conservative.

Hell.  Why doesn’t the conservative movement just re-register as Democrats and have done with it?  None of them want to address the real issue:  Even if they can win with left(ish) candidates, what’s the point?  Could any of these victory-hungry conservatives tell me what they want to do if they do manage to win that way?  Left(ish) candidates who win become left(ish) politicians pushing left(ish) policies.  Is that the strategy? 

Is this what CPAC really stands for?  Victory at any cost in principle, by any means necessary?

Apparently so.

When will they invite Hillary Clinton to speak?

Bill Quick

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CPAC Standing O to Christie: We Are So Boned — 1 Comment

  1. Almost all people in politics, as politicians or supporters, are in the political business. The winning party gets more benefits for themselves than the losers do.

    They don’t work hard to win control of an enterprise which is going to collect and distribute less. The most one can hope for is enlightened despotism.

    Republicans see some limit to the theft. They want to enourage the grass so they can mow it. Democrats don’t care if they overgraze, killing the grass.