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About that Washington Post/ABC News poll on same-sex “marriage” « Hot Air

First, the poll asks what people think about giving “gays and lesbians the legal right to marry.” This is the wrong question for three reasons:

A. Homosexuals cannot “marry” each other. Marriage is between heterosexuals. A secular government cannot change what “marriage” is, no matter how much it may want to.

B. Gay and lesbian Americans already have the legal right to marry. They can marry someone of the opposite sex.

C. Lastly, the poll should be asking what people think about gay and lesbian American couples having the right to participate in a marriage-like ceremony. Again, homosexuals can already legally marry.

Let’s see if I have the logic of the argument here:  First, I make a flatly wrong (that is, does not correspond to reality) statement.  “Marriage is between homosexuals.”

Then I stand on that pile of crap to make further “deductions” from the lie, such as:  “Therefore, heterosexuals cannot marry – unless they marry homosexuals.” And, “Straight Americans already have the right to marry.  They can marry someone of the same sex.”  Obvious bullshit, but that’s the substance of this argument.

Marriage is a human creation.  Churches can marry you.  So can secular states.  They may not recognize all of each other’s standards and requirements, but that makes the marriages no less valid.  To contend otherwise is to lie, and to build on the lie is, well, more lies.

What Suggins is doing here is advancing a personal religious opinion as a matter of fact, and then trying to impose his opinions on the much greater world by force.  If this is what he and those like him are reduced to, it’s no wonder that their influence is rapidly waning.


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