Public Education Equals Child Abuse
Bill Quick

Child in wet bathing suit made to stand in -5F weather because school policy forbade her from waiting in teacher’s car – Boing Boing

Kayona Hagen-Tietz, a ninth grader at Como Park High School in St Paul, MN, says she developed frostbite when she was made to stand in -5F weather wearing nothing but a wet bathing suit. She had been in swim class when the fire-bell rang, and evacuated in nothing but her wet swimsuit. Faculty offered to allow her to wait in a car, but school policy prohibits students from entering cars other than those belonging to family and their delegated help. Eventually, common sense won out, though apparently not soon enough.

It’s for the kid’s own safety!  Don’t you understand our rules are made with the best of intentions?  Zero tolerance of child abuse!


Bill Quick

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Public Education Equals Child Abuse — 2 Comments

  1. You can’t necessarily blame an individual teacher or secretary or whoever for following or enforcing stupid rules. They’re “just following orders”, and most of them are probably more stupid and cowardly than malicious. Whether that’s the kind of people we should have teaching “our most precious resource”, well, that’s a good question.

    Now, if you’re wondering who I am and what I’ve done with the real SteveF, don’t worry. I never said no one was responsible for the asinine rules. We need to track down every school district superindendent, every principal, every school board member. And if something happens to these “best and brightest”, well, it wouldn’t be considered a murder, or even any kind of homicide. No, with them having been pounded with hammers until the largest bone fragment was the size of a grain of rice, the investigators will be wondering where these oversize amoeba came from.

  2. Having lived in MN for most of 61 years I have learned that standing outdoors in -5F (-25f windchill) for more than a couple minutes in GOOD winter clothing can be quite uncomfortable. In normal street clothes (dry) it is downright dangerous. In a wet bathing suit it is suicidal in a matter of a very few minutes.

    These decision makers should be sued PERSONALLY for everything they will ever have, then fired and never allowed near a children’s educational facility ever again. The final part of their punishment should be that they be forced to stand in a windy parking lot on a day when it’s -5F in a wet bathing suit until their feet become translucent. What these people have done to this poor child borders on attempted murder. Hanging would be too good. They deserve to have more misery visited upon them than that.