Obama: Naked Emperor, Hollow Man, Feet of Clay
Bill Quick

Blog: Senate rejects Obama nominee for DoJ Civil Rights Division

Seven Senate Democrats joined with Republicans to deliver a humiliating defeat to President Obama and to the far left race demagogues. Debo P. Adegbile, head of the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, and an avid supporter of convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu Jamal, failed to receive confirmation as the next head of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, despite operating under the new rules instituted by Harry Reid requiring only a simple majority for confirmation. It is the first defeat for an Obama nominee under the simple majority system.

I’m sure the Leftards in their usual swamps are having a bout of terminal cranial explosions over this, but I don’t care enough to go over and laugh at them.  Here’s how pathetic they are:  Even with Dem Head Thug Harry Reid tilting the playing field for him, Obama still couldn’t get one of his favorite Commie hacks confirmed.

Not only does Putin have Obama’s number, Congress may be starting to get it as well.  Although I wouldn’t bet on it.  They are neither as smart or as tough as Putin.  Most of them, at least.

Bill Quick

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Obama: Naked Emperor, Hollow Man, Feet of Clay — 3 Comments

  1. Latest word has it that Fox News is reporting that The Obamanable Faux-Man’s Approval Rating is at 38%*…on the way down. Gonna blow right by Jimmuh P-Nut’s lowest, pretty quick…

    Some CongrossVarmints – even the ones in his own Party – are likely taking notice, and acting accordingly. Nobody – especially nobody who has to run for re-election anytime soon – wants to be seen to be at all approving of a clearcut loser like the SCOAMF so obviously is (and has been for quite awhile, now).

    In addition, of course, the attempt to appoint Adegbile, an enthusiastic booster of a black cop-killer, as the head of the Civil Rights Division of even Eric Holder’s clearly-racist and disgustingly-Progtard (In)Justice Department has to turn more than a few “delicate” CongrossVarmint stomachs in itself…

    *Update: Whoopsy – hadn’t read your next-previous post to this one, obviously, before commenting here – otherwise, I’d’ve phrased that differently, of course. Point’s still valid, though, I think…