Don’t Look Now, But Ted Cruz Is Becoming Even More Powerful
Bill Quick

Ted Cruz Wins Big in Texas | RedState

Ted Cruz showed just how powerful he is in his home state last night. Cruz endorsed 5 candidates. Four of the five won outright and the fifth is the heavy favorite going into a runoff. Cruz did not endorse in the Attorney General race in Texas, but he said some pretty glowing stuff about Ken Paxton. Several people tell me Paxton got strong momentum after Cruz’s kind words and now he finds himself in the lead headed into a runoff against a guy who spent $5 million. GET MONEY TO KEN PAXTON NOW. We need him to win. Paxton’s opponent is still heavily funded.

Paxton, by the way, features himself with Ted Cruz on the homepage of his website. Consider the Cruz effect in Texas in other races.

Konnie Burton is headed into a runoff in Wendy Davis’s State Senate District. Konnie was behind, but after Cruz’s support found herself in first place.

Donna Campbell, running against a well funded establishment pick for the State Senate, won without a runoff after getting a positive reference from Ted Cruz.

Wayne Christian, an early support of Cruz in 2012, is leading a race for Texas Rail Road Commissioner now. Christian is also the former head of the Texas Conservative Coalition.

And then there is David Dewhurst, the Texas Lieutenant Governor. He ran against Tex Cruz in 2012 as the establishment pick and front runner until Cruz beat him. He has high statewide name ID. And now he finds himself in a runoff with Dan Patrick to keep his job.

Cruz is showing his ability to not just get himself across the finish line, but get other Republicans through their own primaries. Perhaps if Walsh and Senate GOP staffers and Senators keep attacking Cruz, it’ll finally dawn on Cruz that he needs to collect some scalps on his own side in his own chamber to change things. Ted Cruz needs to stretch his legs in Republican primaries outside Texas.

The Ruling Class and the Ruling Party are just flat terrified of Ted Cruz.  And they should be.

Bill Quick

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  1. Beginning to look like this might just have the makings of a movement – sure hope so. if Cruz gets it up-and-running, I fully intend to do door-to-door canvassing for him – and I haven’t done that kind of stuff for any national candidate since my college daze (which was a lot more years ago than I really like to remember…).