Another Junk Nutrition Study Comes Down the Pike
Bill Quick

Too much protein could lead to early death, study says – The Washington Post

Could too much protein put you on the path toward an early grave?

For middle-aged people who consume lots of meat, milk and cheese, the answer could be yes, according to a study published Tuesday in the journal Cell Metabolism.

Don’t bother.  It’s the usual pile of junk-science hack propaganda masquerading as a “study,” in hopes of pushing an anti-meat agenda.

Longo said many middle-aged Americans, along with an increasing number of people around the world, are eating twice and sometimes three times as much protein as they need, with too much of that coming from animals rather than plant-based foods such as nuts, seeds and legumes.

First, repeat after me:  Correlation does not equal causation.  Second, observational studies are, as a general rule, junk.

Third, the bias drips through on every page of this pile of crap:  “…too much coming from animals rather than plant-based foods.”  Protein is protein.  Your body doesn’t look at protein from a nut, and from a bull’s nut (Mountain Oysters!  Yum!) as say, “Well, I’ll handle this politically correct protein differently than that evil stuff from the cow.”  And WTF is “too much protein?”


Bill Quick

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