GOP Sensebrenner’s Lies Caught on Tape – No Wonder Government Employees Want to Ban Recording Them
Bill Quick

James O’Keefe Ambushes Republican Congressman over Racist Bill – YouTube

At a recent town hall of constituents in Rubicon, Wisconsin, Republican Rep. Sensenbrenner denied the fact that the voting rights legislation he is sponsoring is racist because it excludes white voters from the protection of the Voting Rights Act.  When clearly asked if the Act excludes protections for white voters, Sensenbrenner responds, “It does not do that.”
Sensenbrenner also hired the ACLU to help write and lobby for this bill, so it shouldn’t surprise you that this bill would, according to a legal expert, “plainly give the DOJ renewed power to block any election integrity law in any covered jurisdiction, period.  This includes voter ID and requirements registrants prove they are citizens.”

But hey: The solution to all our problems it to elect more Republicans!

Bill Quick

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