Kerry Cites Vietnam Peace Talks Which He Helped Compromise
Bill Quick

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Meanwhile, negotiations to end the war are close to collapsing. They ended in mid-February with little progress made. Kerry dismissed critics of the pace of the talks as ignorant of diplomatic history.

“These people who say that it has failed or it is a waste of time, where is their sense of history, where is any knowledge of past peace processes?” Kerry said. “How many years did the Vietnam talks take?

Kerry is the last person who should bring up the Vietnam peace talks: – Kerry and the Paris Peace Talks

Today, presidential candidate John Kerry would have us believe that the only goal of his anti-war activities was to speak up bravely against a war he knew to be without justification. All he wanted to do was to stop a war where military policies such as free fire zones, the issuance of .50 caliber machine guns to Swift Boats, and tactics such as search-and-destroy led inevitably to war crimes, the killing of innocent civilians and the burning of peaceful villages.

John Kerry today wants us to believe that he has always been an anti-Communist. Yet the historical record raises questions about that claim. Loyal Americans think twice about violating the legal provision against negotiating with foreign powers (18 U.S.C. 953) and the Constitutional prohibition against giving support to our nation’s enemies during wartime (Article III, Section 3). Anti-Communists do not openly support proposals that amount to an American surrender to Communist enemies in time of war.

John Kerry may believe in his own mind that his participation in the anti-war cause lifted him to a new moral plane, one where he would not be restricted by conventional legal distinctions or common-sense understandings of patriotism. Yet the record shows that Kerry and the VVAW consistently coordinated their efforts with Communists, both foreign and domestic, represented their positions, and repeated their grossly exaggerated claims of American atrocities. In fact, it is hard to find any disagreement whatsoever between Kerry’s words and actions as a leader of the VVAW and those of the Hanoi and Vietcong leadership. Had Madame Binh herself been permitted to testify before that Senate committee in place of John Kerry, the most noticeable difference might have been the absence of a Boston accent.

Kerry’s Marxist credentials and record of treason are impeccable. As are other heroes of the Democrat party: Billy Ayers and Jane Fonda spring to mind.

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