Hillary: Hillarycare, Behghazi, Russian Reset, Cattlegate, and the Beat Goes On
Bill Quick

Hillary Clinton’s Ukraine – and 2016 – problem – Maggie Haberman – POLITICO.com

As secretary of state through Obama’s first term, Clinton was in many ways the face of the administration’s “reset” policy with Russia, an effort to establish a new relationship that focused heavily on fostering the relationship with then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

The administration’s allies argue that some positives emerged from the reset, and that trouble began with Vladimir Putin’s returned to the Russian presidency in 2012. Skeptics of the “reset” believe Putin never actually left the stage.

Either way, the conflict is another instance in which Clinton is tethered to the administration’s decisions heading into 2016 — more so than any other Democrat, with the possible exception of Vice President Joe Biden, who would be a heavy underdog against Clinton.

Hillary is a terribly damaged Presidential candidate – and she’s the best the Democrats have for 2016.  If BJ croaks before she starts her campaign, she won’t go any further with it.

I’m still highly doubtful that she will even run.

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