Got Putin Shaking In His Jackboots Now, For Sure!
Bill Quick

To rebuke Russia, U.S. leaders boycott Paralympics. Games on | Early & Often

WASHINGTON – While the games will be played, a presidential delegation—led by Rep. Tammy Duckworth D-Ill.- will not be going to the upcoming Paralympics in Sochi because of Russian military aggression in Ukraine, a first small rebuke in a series of sanctions the U.S. and European allies are  contemplating.

They’re going to boycott the Paralympics.

Thatll show Putin!


Bill Quick

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Got Putin Shaking In His Jackboots Now, For Sure! — 6 Comments

  1. There’s something weirdly appropriate about the symbolism here. At least Carter managed to respond to Russian aggression by boycotting the real Olympics; the Obama regime responds by boycotting the Olympics for the disabled.

  2. Another announced retaliation is to not attend the G8 summit along with some other nations.

    The refusal to attend a nice hotel and eat shrimp appetizers sends a message that the US and others are willing to endure sacrifice to see that justice is done.

    They will have to coordinate by phone the ongoing project of inflating their currencies. Russia holds a large amount of US and EU debt. That’ll show him.

    Another threat is to deny Putin his eventual retirement to a villa in Italy. But, Putin can now retire to Crimea, so it is a wash.