Why, Yes, I Still Don’t Trust Marco Rubio
Bill Quick

Marco Rubio aims for comeback with conservatives – Manu Raju – POLITICO.com

Marco Rubio probably wouldn’t have been the biggest draw in Alabama last year, but last week he had big donors dropping big checks.

The Florida Republican, who championed the Senate immigration bill last year, swung by a state that has taken a tough stand against illegal immigrants and has repeatedly elected the chief opponent of the Senate plan. But last Thursday evening, deep-pocketed Birmingham donors paid up to $32,000 apiece to schmooze with Rubio, raising more than $300,000 for the Senate GOP campaign committee.

I’ll happily accept his help on issues that concern me and other conservatives and libertarians, but I still don’t trust him, and I won’t vote for him for President.  That “big money” (undoubtedly pro-scamnesty) interests are flocking to fill his coffers is not anything I find reassuring, either.

Bill Quick

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