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Something like that has happened before. A hundred years ago Theodore Roosevelt had warned Americans that, if we wanted peace in the Pacific, we should either withdraw from the Philippines or build a navy that Japan must respect. We did neither. Instead, US policy consisted of sonorous moral commitments to peace and good order, coupled with an increasingly hollow military: the unbridled tongue and the unready hand. The American people paid the price in blood.

History can teach many valuable lessons. But in order to do so, students must first study history, and then be willing to learn from the lessons it teaches.

Our rulers would much rather ignore the lessons of history in favor of their own utopian fantasies of peace and plenty in a dangerous world, relying on the doomed hope that the phone and the pen are more powerful than the sword..

In some cases that may be true, but one is not: When you’re in a sword fight. (via Instapundit – thanks!)

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