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Obama: US won’t be able to defend Israel if peace talks fail | The Times of Israel

“If you see no peace deal and continued aggressive settlement construction — and we have seen more aggressive settlement construction over the last couple years than we’ve seen in a very long time — if Palestinians come to believe that the possibility of a contiguous sovereign Palestinian state is no longer within reach, then our ability to manage the international fallout is going to be limited,” Obama said.

Because Israel should trust US guarantees implicitly.  Everybody knows we are a rock, and our word is gold.  Isreal should have no qualms about basing its existence on our promises.


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Bill Quick

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  1. Because Israel should trust US guarantees implicitly.

    Israelis have always known – the ones who deal in reality, rather than believing in Pretty Lies People Tell Themselves And Others – that, among nations, they have no genuine allies, no true friends. Simple reason: AntiSemitism is forever – the same as with any other essentially-unthinking, unreasoned prejudice – and nations are run by an ever-shifting caste of politicians, bureaucrats and a very few ideologues. Nations change – shift – slide into other times, other positions, other attitudes…other deceptions, within themselves and towards others.

    Officially, Israel “trusts and depends upon its Great Historic Friend, the U.S.”; in practical fact, the Israelis keep their own counsel, trust and depend upon only themselves (and not even ALL of themselves) and try as best they can to survive on that basis – no matter what pleasant-sounding fiction they may otherwise express, whether publicly or behind closed office/conference room doors.

    Yes, Israel and Israelis have “friends” – some of whom are, in fact, true friends, at least as individuals. Those, however, are thin on the ground at ANY time, and – within the fact of a U.S. administration lorded over by a Socialist/Marxist flim-flam man and historic fool – are especially rare at present.

    They trust NO ONE “implicitly” – and few enough have proven to be trustworthy for them explicitly. Their continued national survival depends, quite simply, upon knowing and accepting this – and, when and as necessary, acting upon it.

    There is great danger involved for anyone who fails to recognize and/or act upon this – especially for a clever-but-basically-ignorant, superficial, arrogant putz like The Obamanation.

    • Obama makes the same error with Israel and Netanyahu that he does with Putin and Russia, and with Xi and China: He assumes that leaders and nations have friendships rather than interests.

      His opponents view their duties via the prism of interest – and their primary interest is the survival of their own nations. They will do whatever it takes to ensure that interest, whether Barack Obama is their friend or not.

      • Just so – this is exactly what I meant by calling Li’l Obambam clever-but-basically-ignorant, superficial and arrogant. When he does what, for him, passes for “thinking”, he sees the situation as: “Oh, hey, we’re all smart, reasonable, logical folks, up here at the top o’ the heap – we can work this all out, just among us Elite Bud-Buds, game it all so nobody needs to get hurt too much, y’knowhatImean, fellas?…guys?…”

        He doesn’t – in the most basic of terms – understand that, for Putin and Xi and Netanyahu and even (or maybe especially) “loose cannons” like the North Korean Nutcase, it may be considered a game, but it’s one they are deadly-serious to win – or, in the case of Israel, more-properly, NOT LOSE, even a little bit. “Collegiality” and “bein’ bud-buds”, when measured against win(or don’t-lose)-whatever-it-takes, doesn’t mean doodley-squat for them.

        In the end, they’ll maybe do the diplomacy-dance just so long as they reasonably can – so long as they see any usefulness to it for them and their national interest – but then, the gloves come off – and it’s war-war time. Perceived-”weak-horse” friendship goes away, right away.

        Unfortunately, his failure to “get” this seems highly likely to cause him to go into full-on “revenge against rejection” mode – at the worst possible time, when it’s already too late and can only make a bad situation worse – and dump our sorry, already-thoroughly-boned asses collectively into a major-league war-war clusterfuck to end ‘em all. Think: Even a worse case than what Slick Willie Clintoon nearly got us into, with his shit-follow-up, half-assed “cruise missile diplomacy” moves, and/or the rolling shit-stew that Iraq/Iran/Afghanistan, etc. keeps trying to devolve into (and which we are – hopefully, thankfully – now likely to get away from, at least militarily, at least for now and the near-future), thanks to Good Ol’ George and his half-assed, misbegotten “nation-building” exercise in utter futility.

        The Obamanation’s combined misapprehension of genuine “diplomacy” – versus upper-level “friendship” – coupled with a belated, butt-hurt reaction to the inevitable “rejection” from someone like Putin or Netanyahu, could well produce that W.W.TheNext so many folks keep talkin’ about. Danger: Close (TOO close!)…

        I don’t see this improving at all, BTW, if Das HillaryBeest became the next Oval Office desk-occupier. She gives the appearance of having the same sort of half-assed, potentially very dangerous misunderstanding of the true nature of international diplomacy versus national leadership “friendships”.