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The benefits of eating bugs – The Week

You won’t eat a bug?  Ever eat a shrimp?  A lobster?  What’s the diff?


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  1. I did the whole bug eating thing back when I was in Boy Scouts. It wasn’t horrible, and I’m glad to know if it came down to it, I could eat bugs. I’m just not going to out of my way to eat them, especially as part of a diet fad. I thought that being, relatively speaking, at the top of the food chain meant I could skip those particular links.

    • Try a military escape and evasion or survival course. Get hungry enough, especially when you’ve got 20 more miles to sneak and just sitting in front of the TV and feeling sorry for yourself isn’t an option, and any squeamishness goes by the wayside.

      That said, I’m not partial to bugs and, like Chef, will leave them out of my diet given the choice.

  2. Well, there was the chocolate covered ant fad. Those I could eat all day (back then). Of course you couldn’t actually taste the ant.
    I have eaten a substantial amount of apple worms–not intentionally, but our apple tree was infected with them, and I ate lots of apples.
    Eating worms or ants really isn’t a bug deal.

  3. …phylum arthropoda has the largest number of animal species.

    That, right there, pretty much says it all – and in the animal “kingdom”, it’s (often enough, in the end) be the eater or be the eaten.

    Or did any of you “preppers” out there not give a thought or two to potential protein sources if/when you run out of Spam, Treet (talk about gross!!) and home-canned beef/bacon/whatevs, the bean crop fails or gets invaded by hungry critters, and you hit the bottom of the peanut butter jar? I expect you did – if not, you really should.

    Protein’s protein, animal fat’s animal fat, and what you “can’t stomach” – can easily stomach you, even if you go a little…past your “Best By…” date.

    With me, it ran from the earliest Scout outings (munch into something a little “different” in that two-day-old camp bread? Just say:”…Hmm, fresh meat!”, and keep on keepin’ on) and a lot of camping-out, both when we lived on a farm for awhile and continuing ’till upper-high-school years. Then, on to “gross-out the noobies/city kids” time during R.O.T.C. FTXs* – wasn’t a whole lot of difference, sometimes, between wild-bug “stew” and some of the W.W. II-era C-rations. Just add a few green onions, and motor on.

    I do draw the line – except in gravest extreme, of course – at spiders (some of them are pretty poisonous anyway) and cucarachas (Gack! Man, those things eat some kinds of paint – and they’re filthy, as well!) – but grasshoppers and crickets are actually kinda tasty, when properly toasted…and I dearly love shrimp and lobster, of course.

    (Sorry to get a trifle “wordy” – I tend that way too much at times, I know. Guess it’s the former-schoolteacher still in me.)

    (*Field Training Exercises – Think: Mil-spec camp-outs with add-on infantry platoon and rifle squad maneuvers. Weekend Warrior time, prepping for the future…)

    • spiders (some of them are pretty poisonous anyway)

      Venomous, not poisonous. So long as you don’t have mouth or stomach ulcers, you can safely eat most venomous insects and snakes and such.

      The reason not to eat spiders is they’re fuckin’ disgusting. Food of last resort.