Meltdown — 6 Comments

  1. So, did anyone actually understand what she was saying? I ran the audio through a custom-written Wailing Whinger-to-English translator and got “I’ve been a spoiled little shit my entire life and Daddy never told me No and I always got my way because I could cry and I’m a girl and you’re all racists.” Sound about right?

  2. SteveF, You nailed it; or was that just a Rhetorical question?……

    Oh well, “fuck her and all she stands for” is just a statement of my factual point of view.

  3. There was something about it being Bush’s fault in there. I also thought I heard her say this was “UNEXPECTED!” several times and something about the Illuminati and the fix being in. Towards the end I think she screamed “I just shat myself”!