Democrat Bint Thinks Russian Invasion of Ukraine Is A-Okay
Bill Quick

House Ukraine Caucus Chair: “Some Group Had To Step In To Mediate”

WASHINGTON — House Ukraine Caucus Co-Chairwoman Marcy Kaptur said Saturday that while she is concerned about the potential for bloodshed in Ukraine, she understood Russian military action.

On Saturday, Russia effectively invaded the ethnically diverse Crimean region of Ukraine. The Russian Parliament also granted Russian President Vladimir Putin the authority to use military action in the country.

Kaptur is a Democrat, and like most Democrats, she apparently feels that all borders, whether in the United States or Ukraine, are mere fictions to be ignored at whim.  Or to spare her personal feelings and distaste for “bloodshed.”

Had she lived during American Revolutionary times she would doubtless have counseled surrender, shortly before decamping for Canada to get away from all the blood watering the tree of liberty.

She’s a despicable, cowardly hack, much like the President she worships.

Bill Quick

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