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US intel community: Hey, everyone was surprised by Russian invasion « The Greenroom

Be sure to read it all. And I’d like to clarify one point about Eli’s earlier report: it was the intel community that got this call embarrassingly wrong, not Eli. His reporting is as solid as ever. That’s something to keep in mind when we use the earlier report in other analyses.

Sorry, no.  The mark of a “solid reporter” is how solid his sources are.  In this case, Lake was little more than a stenotypist, taking down and relaying obvious horseshit from an anonymous source.  There is, or should be, more to good reporting than simply acting as a press secretary for some anonymous ruling class honcho with an agenda to peddle.

And it’s not like nobody was expecting this.  A month ago, I wrote:

Ukraine: The Other Flash Point | Daily Pundit

The logic here is to provide an excuse for a “military intervention to protect Russian citizens in the Crimea,” should Putin decide to make that grab.

My bet is that he will.  I mean, who is going to stop him?  Obama?

Not to mention that even if Obama were somehow turned into George Patton or Doug MacArthur, our military options in the region – absent outright war with Russia – are somewhat limited.  And nobody, including Putin, thinks we will go to war with Russia over the Crimea.

In other words, watch for that region to continue to heat up, and expect Putin to make a major move before President Gutless Pussy leaves office.

I’m updating my prediction as follows:  Putin will now move to either split Ukraine (he already has Crimea, that deal iis done) or he will try to take the whole thing.  And once again, #PresidentWeakHorse will do nothing to slow him, let alone stop him.

And I don’t care how many of Eli Lake’s “solid sources” are reported by him as saying otherwise.

Exit question:  How come our intelligence apparat has access to so much data, and yet gets so much wrong, constantly?


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