Barbarian Savage Muslims Strike Again
Bill Quick

News from The Associated Press

BEIJING (AP) — China’s official Xinhua News Agency says authorities consider the attack by a group of knife-wielding assailants at a train station in southwestern China in which at least 27 people died to be an act of terrorism.

Xinhua did not identify who might have been responsible for the Saturday evening attack at the Kunming Railway Station in Yunnan province. But the news agency said authorities considered it to be “an organized, premeditated violent terrorist attack.”

Posters on Chinese social media sites are reporting that the terrorists were Muslims.  Given the region in which the attack occurred, that can’t be a huge surprise.

Bill Quick

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Barbarian Savage Muslims Strike Again — 1 Comment

  1. Is there a poll yet, determining how many ordinary Muslims support this attack? Probably no more than 50% do.

    We should only need a day or so for the major Muslim organizations to denounce this attack and ex-communicate the people responsible. No 17 virgins for them, and maybe many fewer, say only 4.