Obama Cares Deeply About What Happens Overseas
Bill Quick

Ed Driscoll » The Obama Administration Declares War

Classy. But it is yet another reminder that Mr. Obama’s obsessions are with the “fundamental transformation” of America — he really doesn’t give a damn about what happens overseas.

I keep seeing people saying this, but it’s bullshit.  Obama cares deeply about what happens overseas.  He’s a Marxist who believes American power is the most dangerous threat to world peace, and he is doing everything in his ability to weaken and destroy our international power and influence.

And snark that “he doesn’t care” merely provides him cover from people who should know better.

Bill Quick

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Obama Cares Deeply About What Happens Overseas — 6 Comments

  1. More importantly, was Valerie Jarrett in the meeting. The ultimate decision maker should get the whole groups’ viewpoints directly rather than have them filtered through an underlings edited perspective.

  2. “To clarify, I assume you mean Obama as Valerie’s underling, right?”

    Obama under Valerie? Hell no. He will only submit to being mounted by other men. If Valerie is involved, he will just watch!