China Discovers #PresidentWeakHorse
Bill Quick

Pak set to get Chinese submarines amid sub crisis in India – The Times of India

BEIJING: India’s submarine crisis comes just around the time China has begun arming two other neighbors, Pakistan and Bangladesh, with submarines. China has also introduced new nuclear submarines that have caused a flutter in Washington.

Jane’s weekly quoting a senior Pakistani official says China is set to sell up to six submarines to Pakistan by end of 2014. China has also signed an agreement with Pakistan to sell two Type 035G Ming-class diesel-electric submarines to Bangladesh, reports from Dhaka said recently. The New Age newspaper said the deal was valued $206 million. China has promised to deliver the submarines to Bangladesh Navy by 2019.

Russia isn’t the only nation to have noticed that the United States has become a toothless tiger led by a gutless pussy.

Bill Quick

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China Discovers #PresidentWeakHorse — 4 Comments

  1. Let me clarify. It started with Benghazi and when the US couldn’t defend (ok wouldn’t defend) two brave Americans, pResident’s weak horse credentials were established. Since then we’ve had the enemies of freedom pushing the envelope all around the world, red lines be damned.

    This is really escalating into a real donnybrook. Or in military terms a major FUBAR.