I Blame Bush (And Obama, But Bush First)
Bill Quick

As Russia takes over Crimea, Kerry, Carney warn Putin not to cross the “line” « Hot Air

I’m … reasonably sure that full annexation would cross the “intervention line,” requiring some sort of U.S. response, but we’ve been through too much to underestimate O’s ability to retreat from his own ultimatums. Stay tuned.

We no longer have the military capabilty nor the national will to project power strong enough to stop Russia in situations like this.  Ditto China, which is also on the move, and Iran, which now laughs at our feckless and hopeless hectoring.

But the real failure of will was George Bush, who started out with a clear statement of the natiure and identity of our foes – “You’re either with us, or with the (Muslim) terrorists,” but rapidly changed that to a policy of futility, “We’re here to bring democracy to the Muslim world.”

It’s easy to blame Obama for all this, but he’s only dining at the table George Bush already set for him.

Those who’ve read DP for a long time know that I’ve consistently advocated for Angelo Codevilla’s strategy of destroying the regimes that support Islamic terrorism against us and our allies.  I’m more than familiar with all the arguments as to why the pathetic Bush, so buffaloed by evil progtards, couldn’t do that, but ask yourself this:  What if, when Bush attended the famous “Mission Accomplished” dinner on the aircraft carrier, he’d taken that to heart, declared victory, and pulled all American troops out of Iraq?

At that point, America was a lopsided military victor with fewer than a hundred casualties after smashing Saddam Hussein’s military machine, at the time the largest in the Middle East.

If we’d just come home and let the Shia and the Sunni battle it out in Iraq (hint: the Shia would have won), our reputation, our confidence in our military prowess, and the tangible example of it to the rest of the world would have been clear and sharp.

Instead, we embarked on the doomed project of saving the Iraqi Sunni minority at the behest of the Saudis, which cost us thousands of lives, most of our respect, and turned us from smashing victors into pathetic losers.

Now we’re reaping that whirlwind.

The two saddest words in the English language:  If only….

Bill Quick

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    • Well, sure, Kenny, and you know I advocated more than that. I’d have added Syria and (probably) the Saudi Wahabbian Oilbags to the list.

      But I’ve spent years hearing why an actually victorious strategy like that would have been impossible, since Bush was only the President with a GOP House and Senate and an 80% approval rating.

      So I merely suggested that he should have stopped while he was ahead, rather than turning a smashing victory into a bloody defeat.