Best Buy Reimagines Itself for the New Digital Era
Bill Quick

Samsung Stores featuring smartphones & tablets are now almost universal at Best Buy | TabTimes

In its just released 2014 fourth quarter results, the big box retailer said the store-within-a-store concept is in high gear noting it has opened 1,400 Samsung Stores and 600 Windows stores out of a total of 1,495 retail locations in the U.S. 

Each Samsung Experience Shop at Best Buy features the company’s smartphone and tablets in a dedicated space, just as Apple products also have their own area.

Best Buy may have figured out a way to survive by setting itself up as the hands-on brick and mortar display and shopping front end for Samsung, Apple, and Windows machines.

I know I go there  more often than I used to, for that very reason.  And if you watch the sales, quite often you can walk out of a BB with what you want cheaper than buying it online.  Also, their buy-online, store pickup deal is quite efficient. 

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