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Breaking: Obamacare is a Train Wreck

And this seems… interesting.

Carolyn Lawson, the IT expert who tried and failed to build Oregon’s online insurance exchange, complained to an Oregon Health Authority official that she was forced to leave under false pretenses in an email uncovered by the On Your Side Investigators.

Lawson emailed OHA chief operating officer Suzanne Hoffman in January to complain that a reporter had been given her personal cell phone number, and asked that the state “allow me to move on with privacy and grace,” after one of the worst health-care-exchange website launches in the nation left her career in tatters.

“I have done everything I have been asked to do,” Lawson wrote. “I stuck to the talking points even though I protested . . . that they were not accurate. I walked away quietly when asked to resign. I wrote the resignation letter per the script I was given.”??

That’s pretty bad. It’s all pretty bad: She also claims, in an email, that a Cover Oregon official claimed that she (Lawson) had misled him (the interim director) about whether or not the website would be up and running on time. She says in another email:

“That never happened,” Lawson wrote. ”I provided all the information I had and never withheld anything.”

Now, I’m sure this is actually all Lawson’s fault, and not the case of politicians and high bureaucrats throwing subordinates under the bus. I’m sure that OHA will be providing a full and complete refutation of Lawson’s claims immediately.

On Thursday, OHA refused to comment on the emails on the ground personnel matters are classified.

Oh. Ohhhhhhhhh.

Rule of thumb for those being thrown under the bus:  Do your damndest to take the bastards down with you.  Otherwise, you will find yourself buried without a trace, and your tormentors will be high-fiving each other atop your grave.

Loyalty is for little people.  And we all know what happens to little people.  Right?

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