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Oscar Voter Reveals Brutally Honest Ballot

Conversely, with 12 Years a Slave, you don’t even crack a smile, but it was interesting, admirable and well done; I must say, though, that contrary to what some have asserted, it’s not as if it required great courage to make that movie — maybe if you made it in Mississippi in 1930.

Exactly.  It seems like one of these “courageous” black opuses comes down the pike every other year or so – they alternate with the “courageous” Holocaust epics.  None of them require any courage – unless you think it takes a great deal of bravery to make a film that will receive accolades from everybody with any pretensions to progressivism at all.

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  1. Oh, right, the Oscars are coming up. A bunch of vile progs trying to reinforce their cultural hegemony with a nationally-televised circle jerk. I’ll be sure to tune in to watch that.

    Or not. Buying and then washing a dog would probably be a better use of my time.